Generations of Experience: Client Spotlight on Henry Wurst, Inc.

At Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, we're proud and thankful to be a third-generation family-owned independent insurance brokerage. As anyone with a family business knows, it's not always easy to run and work for a family-owned business. But my sister, Kimberly Wilkerson, and I feel like we're doing right by our father, Bill Wilkerson, grandfather, William Ralph Wilkerson Jr., and his business partner, Al Haas, by how we've picked up their torch. Many of the businesses we insure are also multi-generation family businesses, and we're pleased to serve their commercial insurance needs and help them manage risk.

One of our newest customers is a fourth-generation business—Henry Wurst, Inc.—a Kansas City-based printing, mailing and marketing services company. CEO Michael Wurst represents the third generation, having taken the helm in 1995 from his father, John Wurst, who continues to serve as the company's chairman. Michael's son, Brian Wurst, now represents the fourth generation in the company and is working his way through many roles at the company as his father did.

Henry Wurst, Inc. is now in its 79th year and has evolved tremendously over that time, especially as the printing business has changed with the growth of digital communication forms. Wurst is the largest printing and marketing communications company in the Kansas City metro and 76th largest in North America, as ranked by Printing Impressions’ List of Top 400 for 2015. We're pleased and proud they call Kansas City home.

Fresh Eyes

While I've known Michael for many years through a civic organization to which we both belong, we recently had an opportunity to show him how we could serve his business. As Michael said, 

“We were feeling somewhat neglected by our previous insurance company and hadn’t gotten competitive quotes in a number of years, so we gave Haas & Wilkerson Insurance an opportunity to bid on our coverage. After an extensive review process, Haas & Wilkerson not only saved us money but also helped us feel better about the process of insuring our company. It just made the most sense.”

Digging Deep

As our team dug into all aspects of Wurst's printing, mailing and marketing services, we saw many opportunities to improve their insurance coverage and help the company manage risk more effectively. From their printing presses and plant operations to errors and omissions and cyber security for their marketing communications, our approach to insuring Wurst was comprehensive.

Michael noted he really appreciated the role our safety expert played in their decision to accept our bid: 

“In their safety expert's inspections of our Kansas City and Denver operations, he looked at our business like OSHA [Occupational of Safety and Health Administration] might. He identified spots where we could be vulnerable and where we are not as buttoned up as we ought to be. That was a really nice benefit of working with Haas & Wilkerson Insurance.”

Partners First

We consider our clients to be our partners, so protecting their businesses from risk and safety issues is top of mind for us. We find ourselves often educating our clients about what they should expect from their insurance broker. Michael and his team were appreciative of how we work with the insurance carriers in developing our bids and dealing with any potential claims down the road. Michael noted,

“How an agency works with the insurance carriers and how a relationship is presented is something that we learned about in this recent insurance review process. It's not just black and white when it comes to how risk gets evaluated. Having a broker that is well regarded by the insurance carriers is more important than we realized, and Haas & Wilkerson is held in high regard.”

Serving mid-sized businesses in the Kansas City region is a focus for Haas & Wilkerson Insurance as part of our dedication to this region. We want to help our fellow business owners based in the area grow and prosper. We're thankful to serve the insurance brokerage needs for businesses like Henry Wurst Inc., Rally House, Bank of Blue Valley and many more. 

Ryan Wilkerson loves helping Kansas City businesses manage their risk more effectively, especially those that are family-run. He's the president and CEO of Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, an independent insurance agency.


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