Building a Mighty Culture and Community

At Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, we take our commitment to our culture and the Kansas City community seriously—so seriously that we don’t leave that commitment to chance. We leave it to some MIGHTY DUCKS! Yes, I said MIGHTY, and yes, I said DUCKS! What started as a social committee many years ago has morphed into a six-person team that serves not only as the driver of all team celebrations and community activities but also serves as an important liaison between our staff and leadership team.

The team is called the Mighty Ducks because that name captures their spirit. (Remember the 1990s movie starring Emilio Estevez about a rag-tag bunch of hockey players who beat all the odds?) Plus, we happen to have a big yellow duck mascot suit that’s been a favorite at the World Waterpark Association annual meetings. It was a natural symbol to represent the team’s efforts.

Mighty Ducks’ Mission: To participate in making Haas & Wilkerson Insurance a destination employer and the best agency to work for in Kansas City.

Sounding Board

The Mighty Ducks are charged with stimulating a positive culture through appreciation, recognition, collaboration and openness. They bring our team together and reduce the separations that naturally occur across business divisions and between staff and leadership. If anyone in our organization has an issue that needs to be addressed (big or small), the Mighty Ducks are there to receive the information in an anonymous way and ensure the right person hears about it so it can be addressed. This group has also been instrumental in helping us test new ideas and equipment on our organization before we roll them out to the entire team.

Celebration Machine

Whether it’s bringing in a barista for our monthly birthday celebration or rolling out the Beer Cart to let off some steam on a Friday afternoon, the Mighty Ducks are behind how we cheer each other on and wind down from a tough week. They’re charged with keeping our morale up, and they take it seriously. Of course, during March Madness and baseball season, they have their work cut out for them. We’re a firm of rabid fans when it comes to our basketball teams and the Royals, but the Mighty Ducks always rise to the occasion.

Community Spirit

As well as keeping our internal workings on track, the Mighty Ducks also ensure Haas & Wilkerson Insurance keeps our promises to our community. Whether raising money for the Heart Walk, bowling for Big Brother Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City or working the phones for a Kansas City Public Television (KCPT) telethon, the Mighty Ducks are key to organizing our team to make a contribution. We pride ourselves on community work that donates not just money but also our time and talents.

A great example was the recent American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in June. As many of you know, Haas & Wilkerson Insurance got involved in the Heart Walk because my dad, Bill Wilkerson, passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack at the age of 58 in 2004. However, over the years, it has become so much more because our team has gotten involved to support the cause. This year, we had 18 team members raise money for AHA (total raised with the company match was $3,475) and 20 who spent their Saturday morning walking or running the course. Rita Ogden was our top fundraiser ($665) for the Heart Walk! Way to go, Rita!

Culture Warriors

As you can see, I’m pretty bullish on the Haas & Wilkerson Insurance family! Our culture is something that gets me up in the morning and excited to see what the day will bring when I walk in the doors of our company. The Mighty Ducks are a big part of how we keep our culture on its toes and stay responsive to the needs of our community. And for that, I’m thankful and always ready to celebrate the smallest to the biggest wins Mighty Duck-style!

Kimberly Wilkerson is passionate about building a great community inside Haas & Wilkerson Insurance and outside in the Kansas City community. As an owner and vice president of Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, a Kansas City-based insurance broker, she’s focused on helping her team grow. If she’s not cooling off at the water park this summer, you’ll find her in line for a funnel cake at a state or local fair. 


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