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Building a Mighty Culture and Community

At Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, we take our commitment to our culture and the Kansas City community seriously—so seriously that we don’t leave that commitment to chance. We leave it to some MIGHTY DUCKS! Yes, I said MIGHTY, and yes, I said DUCKS! What started as a social committee many years ago has morphed into a six-person team that serves not only as the driver of all team celebrations and community activities but also serves as an important liaison between our staff and leadership team. Continue reading


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Placing a Spotlight on Our People: Rita Ogden

I've talked often on our blog about how great our team is, how much they make our company feel like a big family, and how the energy they bring to our offices makes it a great place to be each and every day. This week, I want to spotlight one of our team members who's been a part of our family for a long time!

Rita Ogden has worked with all three generations of the Haas & Wilkerson family, so she's watched our agency grow and change in numerous ways over the years. She's one of the most helpful people around our office, always doing so much to be of service to others. We loved getting Rita's perspective on how her experience has changed over the years, and what she's enjoyed most through her time here. Check out her answers to our Q&A below!

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